Re: NPS Image Editor

Publiť par jasonliu777 le 14/09/2021 05:57:33
Version 3.30
Release notes for this version
Screen clipping tool accessible via Paste menu or Start
Monitor Select for whole-desktop screenshots to quickly crop them
Automatic updater that updates NPS Image Editor in place and downloads in the background. Default is still to prompt for download but you can make this fully automatic if you want!
Paste button updates itself if Print Scr is pressed while NPS window is open
New setup wizard and icon
Hide "NPS Instance Manager" window from Alt+Tab
Ability to paste transparent "Format17" images from web browsers or Print Scr
Fix Warp tool being unable to select Southwest
Fix Window menu having a completely blank title for windows with no document open
Detect Windows 11 version
Renamed "Rotate 270" to "Rotate 90 Counterclockwise" to be more intuitive
Added file formats for command line or otherwise: clipboard, npsobj://
Updated color of buttons when dragging a file into NPS
Set default update check frequency to once a week

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