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[U][B]DreamMail CN[/B][/U]

1. Improved: Improved sqlite database engine, using VAL mode to improve efficiency
2. Change: Remove some styles when writing letters, reduce the probability of being listed as spam by Tencent
3. Change: Which Invalid Filters to Skip When Applying a Filter
4. Change: When the mail MailFrom fails, the error message is improved.
5. Change: The bug that the picture in the email cannot be displayed when the sent and draft email is re-edited
6. Change: The database cache mode in the option is turned off by default (because some users often fail to shut down the software normally, resulting in frequent database repair)
7. Change: Some Exchange servers send eml type attachments, and the other party may receive an attachment of 0 KB.
8. Increase: In the high dpi mode, automatic adjustment of the text size of the mail display
9. Change: Some other text and use experience small improvements
Special note: If you downgrade to dm5, you must replace the dm6 sqlite3.dll dm5, otherwise there will be dm5 prompt password error

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